Sept. 21, 2021

Beastmilk Interview (Kvohst & Arino)

Beastmilk Interview (Kvohst & Arino)
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On this episode of The Greatest Thing You'd Never Heard, Ben and John return to Beastmilk's 2013 album, Climax, interviewing vocalist Mat McNerney (aka Kvohst) and bassist Valtteri Arino about the band's formation and their experience recording with Converge's Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studios.  The pair recount the unorthodox recording techniques used to get create Climax's unique atmosphere and McNerney expounds on his lyrical philosophy and desire to create emotional resonance by not shying away from life's darkness.

The Greatest Thing You've Never Heard is a like a book club for your next favorite record.  Each episode is an in-depth examination of a single album that's worthy of greater recognition.  Our co-hosts, Ben and John, spend a full episode discussing an album and then often use a follow-up episode to interview the band that recorded it.

Season 2, Episode 37, Album 48

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