June 22, 2021

Cop Shoot Cop - Release

Cop Shoot Cop - Release

The Greatest Thing You've Never Heard is a like a book club for your next favorite record.  Each episode is an in-depth examination of a single album that's worthy of greater recognition.  Our co-hosts, Ben and John, spend a full episode discussing an album and then often use a follow-up episode to interview the band that recorded it.

On this episode of The Greatest Thing You've Never Heard, John and Ben discuss Cop Shoot Cop's 4th and final album, 1994's Release.  Coming out on a major label, Release saw the noise rock outfit expanding their sound into increasingly melodic and nuanced territory.  While the result may have been controversial among long time fans, the album's superior songwriting and clear production makes it an ideal entry point into the band's impressive catalog.  

Season 2, Episode 25, Album 41

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