Oct. 19, 2021

Snail - Blood (JJ Koczan of The Obelisk)

Snail - Blood (JJ Koczan of The Obelisk)

On this episode of The Greatest Thing You've Never Heard, Ben and John sit down with JJ Koczan of theobelisk.net for the third installment of the show's Guest Lecturer series wherein friends of the show will bring in albums with which neither host is familiar.  The Obelisk is an absolute trove of album reviews, music news, and interviews covering everything under and adjacent to the big umbrella of stoner rock, doom metal and heavy psychedelia.  Regular listeners will no doubt recall that Ben and John learned about many albums discussed on the show via The Obelisk.

The album discussed in the episode at hand is Snail's 2009 sophomore (and first since the band returned from a nearly fifteen year hiatus) outing, Blood.  Brimming with stoner heaviness and psychedelic expanse, the album foreshadowed trends in the heavy underground that would become prevalent over the subsequent decade.  A fact made all the more impressive given that many of its pummeling tracks and razor sharp hooks were written prior to the band's mid-90s dissolution.

The Greatest Thing You've Never Heard is a like a book club for your next favorite record.  Each episode is an in-depth examination of a single album that's worthy of greater recognition.  Our co-hosts, Ben and John, spend a full episode discussing an album and then often use a follow-up episode to interview the band that recorded it.

Season 2, Episode 41, Album 51

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